Transactions or Relationships? How would you feel if I told you that you were just a transaction? That would probably make you feel pretty rough, right?  The truth is that many businesses are operating on transactional relationships. They reach out to you, encouraging you to purchase their product, and you buy it based on their e-blast on … Continue reading Transactions or Relationships?

Confirmation bias at its best

Confirmation bias theory can be defined as the tendency to look for information that supports, rather than rejects, one’s preconceived notions. As humans, we tend to look for facts that prove our ideas right, we don’t seek to be proven wrong. So, how does this theory apply to how we approach marketing? Here are five … Continue reading Confirmation bias at its best

Another facebook post

One of the biggest issues that we face in the modern-age is censorship and privacy online. It is so difficult for social media platforms and websites to figure out where the boundaries are for what is and what is not okay to censor or ban from their website. One common thread between all of the … Continue reading Another facebook post

#SMWL21 Speaker Highlights

#Unfiltered Unfiltered, what does that mean? This year at Social Media Week Lima, Ohio (shoutout to those who have seen Glee) our team had the opportunity of learning what the phrase “unfiltered” means. To be unfiltered, in simple terms, means to be your true, authentic self online. We heard from some of the best marketing geniuses … Continue reading #SMWL21 Speaker Highlights


It’s an undeniable fact that cryptocurrency stands to shift the very balance of the internet’s infrastructure. Cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, has gotten where it is today through social media. Reddit was one of the biggest influential platforms for Bitcoin. So much so that journalists find their breaking crypto news on Reddit and then transfer the news … Continue reading BITCOIN & SOCIAL


Photographer and Filmmaker Tyler Babin knows the ins-and-outs of being a “creative” in the world today. Babin has worked for Adobe, Gary Vaynerchuck, and currently is employed for comedian Hasan Minhaj as a creative.  Just like Charles Moyer and Thomas Crane, Babin has taken his creativity and made a life for himself out of it. … Continue reading CREATIVE MINDS COLLIDE: TYLER BABIN

Creative Minds Collide: Thomas Crane

Thomas Crane is the very definition of a self-starter. Ever since high school he has been engineering new ways to define creativity. The first of his many ventures began when he dyed his lacrosse stick and his buddies began asking to buy one from him. This then grew into a local partnership with a sports … Continue reading Creative Minds Collide: Thomas Crane

Creative Minds Collide: Charles Moyer

To start out our Creative Minds Collide series we chose someone who encapsulates the practicality of creativity: Charles Moyer. He began his career in creativity about 3 years ago when he founded his own company, Moyer Design Co. Moyer Design focuses on the food and beverage industry, specifically creating content and a brand identity for … Continue reading Creative Minds Collide: Charles Moyer

TikTok For Business…. WOW! I am sure you all have heard of the ever-popular social media outlet TikTok. Well… they are continuing to grow to one of the most popular platforms in the world. The platform is used to create short videos that range from dancing videos, pranks, and crazy activities. The app is mainly used by younger … Continue reading TikTok For Business…. WOW!