New Year, New Blog

Life will often throw curveballs at us from all sorts of directions, and that’s when we find it hard to see the good around us. There is so much at work behind the scenes that we don’t recognize the great things that have gotten us to this point. The fact that you woke up this morning, alive and breathing is in and of itself a tiny miracle. Life is filled with things like this: tiny miracles that make up who we are. That job offer you decided to take, led you here. That person across the room you decided to spark a conversation with, led you here. That social media account you followed that changed your perspective, led you here, to this moment, reading this blog post. 

There are so many events that happen in our lives that we write off as mundane and unimportant, but it is these moments that set us on course to be where we are now. Life is a series of chain reactions that result in the present moment. Life is something that we take for granted far too often. It is a gift to be alive. One of my biggest goals as we enter into the new year (2022 whoot whoot) is to be grateful for life.. 2022 is my year of gratitude

We have been through so much over the past 2 years, but we made it through!! Even when moments looked so bleak and like there was impending doom, we stuck it through and made it out the other side. Let the pandemic be a metaphor for our lives. There are times of chaos and uncertainty, but we 1) will make it through and 2) must look for the little gifts we receive behind the scenes. There is always something good at work behind the curtain, we just need to be more mindful in seeking that out. 

Now, I could go on forever with this sappy blog about life and its beauty, but how is any of this relevant to Wholesome Media? Great question, glad you asked. As a business, we must be prepared for whatever uncertainty lies ahead. There are so many unforeseen events unfolding and hurtling towards us that we are forced to navigate, but when we are able to acknowledge this as reality, these events aren’t catastrophic. Things are going to go horribly wrong, and things are going to go incredibly right, and we need to be prepared for both situations. 

Marketing, especially, is one of those forms of business that is CONSTANTLY changing and growing, so we must be prepared at all times to accommodate and assimilate to these changes. We must also appreciate all the little moments that have led us here. As a team, we are so thankful for our clients who have entrusted their business’ social media with us. There are so many incredible people that we have the privilege of working with and helping navigate the crazy world of social media marketing. We take pride in being able to help people and using our experience and knowledge to benefit others. As we go into the new year, we want to thank everybody who has stuck with us through growing pains and has helped get us to where we are today. We are so aware of the little miracles taking place all around us and those miracles are you. 

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