Creative Minds Collide: Charles Moyer

To start out our Creative Minds Collide series we chose someone who encapsulates the practicality of creativity: Charles Moyer. He began his career in creativity about 3 years ago when he founded his own company, Moyer Design Co. Moyer Design focuses on the food and beverage industry, specifically creating content and a brand identity for restaurants. Eventually his company merged with an advertising agency called Paperboy Media Group where he is a managing partner. Paperboy Media does the whole shebang: videography, photography, marketing, sales, etc. So when it comes to being creative, Charles Moyer is well-rounded in the subject.

When asked what the word “create” means to him, he responded: 

“The idea of creating something in my business is finding a solution for the client… Creativity is talking to somebody without actually talking.” 

Charles Moyer

His answer tells you all you need to know about Charles Moyer. He creates to help others, and does it in a fantastic display of art. Over time, Moyer has developed a method for creating projects. His creative process consists of pinpointing a client’s problem and brainstorming a solution. He then takes those initial concepts and narrows them down to what would be best for the client and attracting their targeted audience. Then comes the pitch, revision, and, last but not least, publishing the content. 

One client that Moyer Design has used this method on and has successfully taken to the next level is Snow and Spoon. His approach to creating Snow and Spoon’s brand identity was to incorporate bright, contrasting visuals to highlight the fun atmosphere. Snow and Spoon is a vibrant food truck that has created a unique twist combining the classic sunny day treats: ice cream and snow cones. Playing off of the inimitable nature of the brand, Moyer added lively elements to the logo and graphics that he made for them. Since this was one of his first clients, he took the approach of ‘more is better.’

 His advice for those starting out is to, “keep honing in on connections, when starting a business you always want to start strong and overdeliver.” This is how you should tackle each creative project you take on. To accurately be able to accomplish your client’s goals, provide them with more than they asked for. If you do more than expected, you will begin to build up respect and admiration from your clients. When asked about social media Moyer expressed,

“The thing I do not understand about social media is what people actually want to see. In my logic, social media is all about touch points, getting on there and posting and letting people know you’re still creating and that your business is still up and running.”  

Charles Moyer

One touchpoint that he attributes to some of his biggest success with clients is reels. One of his Paperboy clients, @jenstheguru received 1000+ followers in one week by utilizing this new Instagram tool. Moyer and his associates came up with the idea of having this client create 10-15 reels answering questions from his followers. The background setting of him in his recording studio is very simple and organic, which in turn is communicating his personality to his followers.

This is the same approach that we as Wholesome Media take when trying to build up our client’s social media presence. The more personal, the better! Social media is all about building relationships online and establishing trust with potential customers. The more you are your true, authentic self on social media, the better you will be received. 

Moyer takes the approach of turning creative thoughts and ideas into touch points that keep your clients informed on where you are as a business. His advice is “If you have a creative thought or idea, bring it to fruition and rock with it. Let those touch points be key if you have an idea, and the same day you have it, create that idea within 30 minutes to an hour of having it and put it out there.” For Charles Moyer, producing practical content out of your creative mind is essential to growing and developing an identity for your brand.

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