In the state of the world we live in it’s hard to meet new people, but we were able to connect with Jasmine Katrina Smith and realized we were a lot closer than we thought. We really enjoyed connecting with someone near our hometown in the same field we are! Jasmine started her marketing business a few years before us, so we gained a lot of insight and wisdom to our benefit.

Jasmine has her own business, Pure Comm & Co., where she helps small business and entrepreneurs with social media and digital marketing. She offers consulting and training along with a number of other services!

She is also establishing a personal brand focused on faith, beauty, and lifestyle. She’s a go-getter, am I right? How does she balance it all?

How does anyone balance personal life and business life particularly in social media?

Should you blend your personal content with your business content? Should you cross post from business to personal accounts? 

As an entrepreneur, there are definitely benefits to using personal image as a brand. Big brands crave that personal touch as well which is why they use influencers. On the topic of influencer branding, Jasmine wisely said, “People buy from people and people trust their friends.” How many times have you purchased something because your friend tried it and recommended it? Companies have been built from customer references, so much so it is becoming a business model. 

What about personal and business balance? Or the balance between personal business and the businesses of others? 

In a digital marketing business, it can be difficult to keep up with your own business while helping others market theirs. 

“Sometimes you’re so in the business mind you can’t work on your business,” said Jasmine.

We couldn’t agree more! When your service revolves around helping others with their business, upkeep for your own website and social media platforms can fall to the wayside. 

How can you combat it? Obviously, clients should be a priority, but bringing in new clients is harder when you don’t have time to manage your business; as Jasmine said, “You are your own client too.” Treat your business like one of your clients and don’t leave it behind in the dust. 

What does that mean? Update your content; keep creating. Update your website regularly – your website is not a once and done. Keep your profiles fresh and up to date because you never know when you’ll meet someone new. 



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