It is so fun when you run into someone that enjoys coffee and Twitter as much as you do! We had the opportunity to speak with Amalia Fowler, an amazing soul that strives to educate individuals about the exciting world of marketing. She works at Snaptech Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency that focuses on providing marketing campaigns and strategy to clients. Not only does she work full time, but she also teaches courses at the local technical college as well. 

We can now see why Amalia said that she loves dark roast coffee in our interview. She is always working on ways that she can help teach others about marketing, which can be a hard job when you think about it! 

As marketers and social media nerds it can be hard to work with individuals because they think since they have social media accounts that they know how to develop strategy. Welp, that isn’t always true. “Knowing what you don’t know and being self-aware is essential,” said Amalia. Businesses and individuals need to know the things that they aren’t great at in or order to get better at them. At Wholesome Media we have been fortunate enough to have clients that are aware that they don’t know what they are doing which is why they ask for help. When continuing this conversation with Amalia we began to discuss how some of the clients and students created social media and marketing strategy around assumptions. Using assumptions is a great way to begin going down a digital marketing rabbit hole. If you don’t have anything to back up that these goals or tactics will work, then what is the point of spending time on them? “Check every assumption with data,” says Amalia. She dove even deeper into this concept by explaining how data has helped several of the clients at Snaptech.

“Analyzing the data allows you to determine where you customer audiences are,” said Amalia. What a great point, right? If you are able to determine where your audiences are then you can create marketing plans to target those specific platforms and areas. Another great point that Amalia brought up was the thought of how the basics of online marketing don’t really change, the customers change their behaviour and location. “Online marketing doesn’t change. You have the ability to change what your customers want and where they are. You need to participate with the customer.” Take a moment and think about where your friend’s hangout! Restaurants… social media apps… parks…. If you don’t like where they are hanging out, don’t you bring up another place to go? That is changing that audience! That is meeting them where they are and then changing their mind. Us as marketers have this ability as well. Use your data to figure out where those audiences are, engage with them in those areas, and then move them where you want them. 

Amalia and us have an even deeper connection than coffee. All of us love Twitter! We actually found each other on that platform. Amalia explains how Twitter is her favorite because her brain is always going and most of her thoughts are in 140 characters or less anyway. So… it only makes sense to use that platform. We couldn’t agree with this more! Twitter is our favorite place because we are able to express our thoughts and opinions very quickly. Which is a lot of fun! 

Amalia lives in Vancouver, Canada where she continues to work for Snaptech and teaching at her local college. You can connect and keep up to date with Amalia on Twitter at @amaliaefowler. 

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