Facebook Algorithms

You know those posts on Facebook, “This really works! I didn’t think it would, but it does! My friends kept asking why they were blocked..they couldn’t see my posts anymore..” 

It’s no secret that Facebook frequently changes their algorithm, but here is how to optimize your reach and engagement based on the 2020 updates. 

  1. Pay attention to peak engagement times. 

We have definitely mentioned this before, but one way to beat the algorithm is to post when your followers are logged on. The peak time for Facebook is typically midday on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

One way to make sure you post in peak times is to schedule your posts ahead of time using Creators Studio, Hootsuite, or whatever platform you prefer. 

  1. Post consistently and often.

Consistency is key for engagement; try to post 2-3 times a week, every week. If you have more posts in the feed, followers are more likely to see them. You can also let your followers know how to change their settings to prioritize your content to make sure they can see your posts. 

Consider coming up with a hashtag, or keeping up with a trendy hashtag to make sure you post weekly (#transformationtuesday, #mondaymotivation, etc.)

  1. Incorporate original videos into your posts.

The Facebook algorithm is in support of original videos, especially Facebook Live videos. Live videos are more engaging than any other video, but videos in general record the most engagement. 

Video every moment!  Followers like to see everything from packing your work bag to interacting with the people around you. With the current lack of socialization, viewers love videos even more than before. 

We hope these tips help you improve your reach and engagement in the ever changing algorithm! Stay tuned for tips on the Instagram algorithm. 

2 thoughts on “Facebook Algorithms

  1. Good tips Jeremy.

    Staying in the stream is big on Facebook. Publishing helpful posts often – without overdoing it – seems to be one way to crack the algorithm code on Facebook. I also see engaging as playing a big role in driving traffic and boosting engagement through the platform. The more I comment in response to and Like updates, the more engagement, Likes and traffic I observe flowing through my updates.


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