Four Trends Impacting Nonprofit Marketers

While the world is in a very crazy time, Salesforce Marketing released a report that discussed the top four trend impacting nonprofit marketers in the current climate. The report was very interesting to us at Wholesome Media because most of these trends we thought would have been implemented already. While we were very surprised, we are going to discuss a few of these in this month’s blog post. 

Trend #1: The constituent experience is a powerful differentiator. 

When conversating and creating strategies to engage your constituents you must always think about the experience you are trying to provide to them. This can be in the form of a person to person strategy or, since we are living in a time where that is unavailable, a digital strategy would have to work. Based on a survey that Salesforce put out, 57% of individuals will stop supporting organizations because another provided a better experience. Therefore, make sure that your donor and customer experience is fun and exciting. 

Trend #2: Connecting the constituent journey has become a top priority. 

With having so many donors and constituents you may not think about the connection that you could have with them once they leave your facility. Well… you do now! They may not remember everything that happened that day, but you connecting with them after they leave is crucial and assists in continuing their journey with the organization. Post communication can include a follow up email strategy, a personal message to their Facebook inbox, or even a phone call thanking them for their membership. Based on data pulled by Salesforce, the following are channels to engage constituents on:

  • Video & YouTube
  • Social media
  • Mobile apps
  • Display/banners
  • Email
  • Websites

Making sure that you are continuing the journey is essential! 

Trend #3: Data is the fuel that powers personalized journeys.  

Data is and always will be the determining factor on whether or not your campaigns are successful. It would be beneficial to use your customer relationship management system to analyze your date for creation of strategic constituent campaigns that keep your consumers engaged. The systems that you are working with should tell you how long your donors or members are staying engaged on your site along with where they are logging in from.  Whatever information that you are able to obtain from your customer, you should try to obtain. You are probably thinking why is that? Well, you can use this information for your email campaigns, your keyword preferences, and social media paid ads. In the latest report put out by Salesforce they stated that 79% of nonprofit marketers use known digital identifiers as a data source. Can you believe that? 

Trend #4: Measuring impact & ROI is more important than ever. 

We at Wholesome know that we have to measure the impact of our campaigns to ensure that we are getting the best return on investment. However, some individuals and organizations don’t really think about measuring their success or tracking their data. In this time, it is crucial to measure your impact on return and your reach to ensure that you are doing what is best for your consumers and they are staying engaged with your product or service. Organizations can and should check up on their campaigns to ensure what they are doing is working. 

Right now, there is a lot riding on nonprofit marketers, and we all understand that it can be overwhelming. However, this report from Salesforce provides some great advice on how to tackle these tasks. We were also so grateful to be able to encompass our thoughts and ideas on these topics as well. We hope that you found these trends helpful for your future campaigns!

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