TikTok For Business…. WOW!

I am sure you all have heard of the ever-popular social media outlet TikTok. Well… they are continuing to grow to one of the most popular platforms in the world. The platform is used to create short videos that range from dancing videos, pranks, and crazy activities. The app is mainly used by younger generations as they are creating dancing videos that trend setters like Bryce Hall, Lil Huddy, Nessa Barrett, and Josh Richards have developed. While majority of the videos are created on personal accounts, many businesses are beginning to use the platform. 

Companies like Coca Cola have developed hashtag campaigns to help promote their brand on the platform. Coca Cola company has come up with several challenges for people to participate in and post about to leverage their company on the platform. What a GREAT way to get themselves known within the platform! 

Since big companies have been jumping on the trend and creating content on the platform TikTok has launched TikTok For Business. I bet we all could have guessed that one! 

Their slogan is “Don’t make ads. Make a connection. Make it interesting. Make news. Make TikToks.” The platform encourages businesses to avoid ads and instead just make TikToks to engage with their audiences. However, we all know that corporations want to be able to get visible on a platform that quick! Which is where the TikTok ads come into play. 

In the beginning when we used the platform there weren’t ads at all and it was so great to be able to scroll freely without having to wait for an ad. For us at Wholesome Media, it was actually the place to go when you were bored and didn’t want to look at the other platforms because of the ads that would come up every two to three posts. While the popularity factor of the platform is continuing to rise, we think that it may begin to decline because of the number of ads that are going to be created from organizations and influencers. However, the platform does provide perks for companies when creating ads. 

Businesses will have the opportunity to create engaging, immersive ads that are creative and will connect with audiences around the globe. A great way for a business to do this is with the hashtag challenge. A company has the ability to create a hashtag and challenge the TikTok audience platform to participate. The hopes of this tactic is for people to love the challenge and it go viral which leads to massive amounts of brand awareness through the platform. 

The new launch of TikTok For Business could be a game changer for the marketing industry. They will now have an opportunity to grab the younger generations attention! That is what all businesses are looking to do so that their brand is able to carry on into the future years. This provides a great avenue for businesses however; will viewers get annoyed with having the platform overloaded with ads? I guess we will have to see! 

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