Hello everyone! This is very crazy for Abby and I to be writing to you today. We have been longing for a moment like this for a good while now. It has now come to life. How crazy is that! 

We have been dreaming and thinking of starting our own business since we were seniors in high school and worked with a local business in our area. Now, five years later, we are starting Wholesome Media and are so excited to introduce it to you. Wholesome Media is a new media marketing business focused on improving client’s media presence on social media. Our vision for the company was clear before we actually developed a name; Abby was taking an online graphics course to further develop her design skills.

“The exercise was to develop a logo for a coffee shop based on the owner’s name – our teacher suggested researching the owner’s name to develop a vision and logo for the coffee shop but I got side tracked. I ended up looking up the meaning of Jeremy and the meaning of Abby and we both had ‘wholesome’ in common. It felt like a sign that our company name should include ‘wholesome’ in some way and then the designer part of me realized that the next word should start with ‘M’ because that would make logo design so much easier (aesthetically pleasing, symmetry, etc.)” she said.

We landed on Wholesome Media which we both felt we could relate to (because of the meaning of our names) as well as a good picture of what our business will be about. Wholesome means ‘promoting moral well-being’ which is what we hope to do for each and every business we come in contact with. 

We believe social media and digital marketing brings the community together and the right message could lead to positive change. This philosophy was developed when Abby and I were discussing how we wanted to help the community and world during the time of the COVID19 virus. We want to be able to help individuals’ market themselves digitally through trendy, effective social media tactics. 

You are probably thinking.. well who are you and how are you qualified to do this. Well… here is a little bit of background on Abby and I. Abby (who is also my wife☺) graduated from Alderson Broaddus University where she obtained a degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in digital media. She is now working with RDS as their Marketing Director and helped develop Canaan Springs Event Venue. At each of these positions she has increased digital media marketing efforts by one hundred percent with obtaining 800+ followers on each account within the span of a year. Not only does she work at these locations, but she has worked on logo designs for  

  • The Shenandoah Valley Swimming League
  • Back Creek Audio Visual
  • Residential Drywall Services
  • and many more

I also graduated from Alderson Broaddus University with two degrees in Business Administration and Marketing. I am currently with the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley as their Social Media Specialist. I have worked on social media campaigns that have raised 1,000+ dollars for organizations along with boosting viewership and presence on media outlets. I have worked on campaigns that promote

  • The Shenandoah Valley Apple Blossom Festival
  • Celtic Fest
  • Friday Night Live
  • Alderson Broaddus University Giving Day
  • and many more

Enough about us and more about how we can help.

We really want to connect with you and the community that surrounds us. The main point of this business is to help you digitally. We are striving to do this in any way that we can. If money is an issue, we have options for you such as our blog where we will have some tips and tricks that we will give away for FREE to help you grow your media presence. We will be posting regularly in the blog section about trending topics dealing with the social media and digital marketing industry. Feel free to check out any of that content! 

I know that you are tired of hearing about this, but we want you to know that we are here for you. If it isn’t marketing related and you just want to bounce ideas around don’t be shy and reach out. Wholesome Media is willing to help you with whatever we can. We hope you have a great rest of your day and be sure to check back in with us for our next blog post! 


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